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Natural'Relax FLASH - Natural'Innov

Natural'Relax FLASH - Natural'Innov

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Natural'Relax FLASH is a specific food supplement aimed at bringing peace of mind to horses, in the form of a paste in a 60 ml oral syringe.

Natural'Relax FLASH is particularly recommended:

– To quickly relieve a horse showing signs of stress;
– Before a stressful event such as competition, transport, new environment, etc.

For optimal management of your horse's serenity, opt for the daily use of Natural'Relax (granules) coupled with the FLASH version for occasional support.


Natural'Relax FLASH is made from an innovative formula, source of:

Vegetable glycerin => relaxing properties (salivation);
Components of hydrolyzed yeasts => support of the digestive flora and improvement of fiber degradation;
Nucleotides and free nucleosides => helps cell regeneration to repair damaged tissues;
Yeast walls => capture of mycotoxins and pathogenic bacteria present in the intestinal tract;
Magnesium => to regulate stress and muscle tension;
Lemon balm extracts => promotes relaxation and digestive comfort;
L-Tryptophan (contains 7 g / syringe) => Amino acid which participates in the production of serotonin in the brain (reduction of anxiety and nervousness).

using advice

Administer directly into the horse's mouth, behind the tongue.

Horse and pony > 1.35 m: 1 syringe in 1 dose 1 to 2 hours before the stressful situation (Also administer 1 syringe the evening before if necessary; or ½ the day before and ½ 2 hours before);

Pony < 1.35 m and foals under 12 months: ½ syringe in 1 dose 1 to 2 hours before the stressful situation (Also administer ½ syringe the evening before if necessary or ¼ the day before and ¼ 2 hours before).

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